Welcome home! Hungry? I bet!

You work hard… at the office, in the gym… I bet you play hard too – I like you! I’m Virginia, your hostess-for this site, for your event… if that’s what you need, I’m here to help! Make yourself comfy and poke around this fab site…warning-may cause additional hungryness (that’s a real word. I just made it up!)

If you see something you like or need, I’m just a click or call away and I’ll be here, ready when you are. I just know we’re going to be friends, because….

“People who love food are always the best people” – Julia Child

What if…

you could eat the most delicious, locally grown, organic, home cooked (with love!) meals? Meals that meet all of your needs – be they adjusting to new found allergies or food restrictions, weight loss or fitness goals, an important event or party, or hey- simply staying alive (I, myself have to eat, like 3-4 times a day!! Crazy!)

What if…

you don’t have time to pin recipes, go to farmers’ markets…try finding a parking spot at Whole Foods? Then cooking, cleaning and starting all over the next day? Sound like someone you know? Well, friends, I am here to feed you! For real.

I’m honored to have your company, so thanks for stopping by my little home away from the kitchen- Welcome to The Kitchen Mistress Website! Please enjoy!

Love & laughs,
~Chef V

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