The Solution to YOUR culinary quandary

Today is your day! THIS is IT! Ready to stop worrying about what, how and when to eat and just start enjoying your life, your time, your family and let’s not forget about you!? Yes, time for YOU…are you ready? 
The Kitchen Mistress Personal Chef Services are the solution for today’s busy mom, professional, athlete, cleanser, dancer, executive, traveler, business owner, the go-getter, the bacon-bringer (and fryer, and dish-do’er…)

We provide that one necessary life-giving, taste-bud thrilling, brain and body-fueling little thing: your food. Not just food…lovingly prepared, custom crafted cuisine that is made just for you. No matter what your eating habits, preferences, dietary needs-we’ve got you covered, and we’re here to give you back your kitchen time by taking it off your plate. Let The Kitchen Mistress do your cooking (and meal planning and shopping and cleaning and..and..) and see what a gift your free time can unwrap!

Get out of your kitchen, so you can get on with your life.

How it works:

1. Consultation: an hour and a half meeting to meet each other in person. A questionnaire will be sent to you before this meeting to help me learn about your dietary needs, likes, and “won’t touch” kinds of food. This time is also used to evaluate the kitchen space and take inventory of what items I may need to bring with me.

2. Creating custom menus: this is when the fun really starts! I share some of the delicious sounding dishes that I’ll have created after our consultation. You will receive an email with the proposed menu. Your feedback is critical at this stage, please respond with any questions, requests or changes. I want you to be absolutely thrilled with the proposed menus, so please communicate any questions, requests or changes, especially if there are items you love (or hate) on the list. Menus will change seasonally, as I strongly believe in cooking with fresh, seasonal items.

3. Pantry makeover: Let’s face it, pantries get cluttered, confused, and sometimes ignored. I will go through the pantry and discard/donate anything that has expired or no longer fits with your goals. I take inventory, clean and organize shelves, label the remaining contents, and re-stock as needed. If you have specific weight loss or cleansing goals, this is a crucial step in your success. If your pantry is a supply graveyard, sooner or later you will find those bad items and I really don’t want you turning into a zombie. I don’t cook brains… Sorry.

The initial pantry makeover may take a few hours and it’s up to you if you would like to be present for this. (I understand that sometimes it’s hard to watch this, so you may choose not to!)

4. Personal food shopping: On the day of your service, I create a detailed shopping list, place orders for specialty items, and shop for the best ingredients for your menu. All items are purchased the day of the service with the only exception being made during the Farmers’ Market season, as there is not a market every day. If you notice something essential missing from your fridge or pantry, please do not hesitate to let me know before the morning of your service and I will happily pick up that *item for you while out shopping.

The Kitchen Mistress does not support the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, hormones or GMOs to the best of my ability. Please see the list of products that I try to keep out of the grocery cart.

5. Meal preparation: The best part!! I arrive at your home at the scheduled time and day with all the necessary supplies. I prep, cook, package and label your meals and leave a detailed note, invoice and sometimes a special gift or surprise. Then, I disappear, like a ninja. A tasty, tasty, ninja.

6. Kitchen clean-up: Okay.. I don’t ninja-disappear before I put your kitchen back together. After each cooking service, it is my goal to leave your space shiny and clean. The only trace I leave behind are the delightful aromas floating through your house as any evidence of The Kitchen Mistress having been there. Then I disappear, like a ninja…

If you have special instructions for your equipment or surfaces, no problem! Please just let me know.

But that’s not all…

  • As a client of The Kitchen Mistress, you will receive follow-up emails to check on the week’s food and your progress.
  • All forms, checklists, your personal food goals, and copies of your healthy meal reports, menus and invoices in a virtual package.
  • Unlimited phone and email support during business hours for any quick questions, comments, or motivation needed (and during your cleansing process).
  • Weekly check-in emails and inspirational (or just silly) food quotes to keep you on track and inspired!

Want to learn more?

Please call 303-882-8065 for a Complementary Consultation on your needs, or contact me and I’ll get back to you.